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Befree Networks is an Internet service provider in Ibiza, specialising in bespoke high end Wi-Fi and internet solutions, even in remote locations of the island.  We fully understand the problems residents have with not only receiving a good quality internet connection in their homes, but also not having connectivity available throughout the property.  Our clients require a permanent bespoke internet installation to meet all of their demands and our team of professionals can offer advice and assistance to ensure we meet your requirements 100%.  We are often heavily involved in new build properties as early as planning or first fix.

We offer a rock solid dedicated connection, without any usage limits, so customers are able to download and upload as much data as they require to enjoy a stable connection, safe in the knowledge that our network ensures your security and privacy. 

Please click here to see some case studies from clients who have worked with us in the past.

Get in touch to arrange one of our network engineers to site survey your property.

For more information please contact us on; 

+34 971 573 778


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