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Internet Connections with Befree Networks in Cala Bassa Ibiza

Cala Bassa Project

At Befree Networks, we operate by using Point of Presences (PoPs) across the island, which are in effect strategic locations that form a key part of our network and from these PoPs we send individual connections to each client. Even though we have a good coverage of PoPs around the Cala Bassa area, periodically we come across an installation where establishing a line of sight can be problematic. This proved to be the case after we received a request for internet at a new build property along a camino between Cala Bassa and Cala Conte.

The plot was huge and measured approximately 400 metres wide and 600 metres long, running from the camino up the side of a hill leading to a tree-lined crest. Just before arriving at the property our closest PoP was clearly in vision, however 100 meters from its boundary edge the PoP completely disappeared. After a comprehensive survey lasting three hours, which involved technicians surveying from the roof and walking the whole perimeter to try and establish a signal, it became evident that this was not going to be a straightforward installation. Eventually, our head installer finally discovered the only point on the whole plot that had line of sight to our PoP. One step to the right, left, backwards or forwards and it would disappear again, so we were left with a viable area of one square metre on a plot that was well over 240,000 square metres!

However, the client was not comfortable with the location found for the antenna, therefore together with our Befree Networks team we set to task with the challenge of investigating other options. A second survey was arranged to fly a drone around the tree line and eventually a line of sight was established in a position where we could discretely position a pole with an attached antenna that would be hidden from view.

The arduous task of connecting this location to the property meant a trench had to be dug 500 metres down the slope for the cables to connect to the main house. The owners were thrilled with the level of care, attention and service they had received from Befree Networks and asked if we could install an integrated WiFi system that could be monitored from our head office, with televisions and VOIP, which of course we were only too happy to help with.

Working with the client’s electrical contractor and builder, the project is now complete, however the story doesn’t end there. Our relationship continues, as the trust we have built together, enabled the client to feel confident enough to ask Befree Networks to recommend our trusted commercial partners that can offer services such as security, which are outside our normal product range.

This client was not based in Ibiza, as is often the case, and throughout the whole process there had been only one client face to face meeting, everything else was conducted remotely via email to and from Germany. However, if a client has a determination for a rock-solid internet connection that they can rely on and is able to form a relationship of trust, then here at Befree Networks, we believe anything can be achieved!

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