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Isolated Villa In A Mountainous Region Needing Reliable Internet Access For Business

Sant Vicent Project

With multiple network sectors on the island, we are extremely proud of how far our connectivity covers the rural areas of Ibiza. However at Befree Networks we always love a challenge and this came when we received an enquiry from a property owner in the Sant Vicent region who was desperate for a reliable internet connection, as it was crucial for him to run his businesses from his home. We all knew we had a huge project on our hands as this area is extremely mountainous and it has always been labelled as our final frontier!

Our Network operates by using Point of Presences (PoPs) across the island, which are in effect strategic locations that form a key part of our network and from these PoPs we send individual connections to each client. There are many folds in the mountains between our nearest tower at Sant Joan and the prospective client’s property making line of sight to our network very problematic, therefore, using our complex technical plotting equipment, we set to work planning ways to reach the client. However, it soon became evident that we would have to build an extra PoP to create a new sector, with a second PoP located at the client’s property.

After several long intensive site surveys, we finally identified a property on our database that could connect the line of sight from the tower at Sant Joan to an isolated mountainside near Sant Vicent where the client lives. The owner of this property was approached and happy to sign a contract to become a PoP and a key part of our network and thus received a free internet connection for their commitment! They were pleasantly surprised to discover that the only equipment requirement was two small 40cm antennas on the roof of their property allaying any concerns that their property would be overshadowed by a huge tower.

Finally we were ready to provide a 100% reliable internet connection to our client’s property. A similar configuration of antennas was installed at the client’s house and since connection, the client has enjoyed a superfast internet service.

The success of the project was a result of the determination of both parties and in us being able to create a solution where both client and provider agreed to share the cost, however, the relationship did not end there. We had now opened up two new sectors to our core network from Sant Joan to Sant Vicent and this opened up new potential clients, therefore with incentives in place to refund the client’s initial investment and to drive down his monthly bill, both the client and our sales team are working in partnership to attract new clients to these sectors.

Whilst this was not one of our most straightforward installations, Befree Networks loves a challenge and we are extremely proud that in this isolated remote location, we were able to provide a 100% rock solid internet connection that the client could rely upon!

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